Australian Vitamin

Delivering healthy growth for online wellness.

The Challenge

Australian Vitamins is a long-standing premium online health food brand with an extremely loyal customer base and high-quality Australian products which speak for themselves.

While their customer retention was enviable, they struggled to attract new customers online. None of the digital advertising they had explored in the past delivered a truly tangible return on investment.





Our solution

Australian Vitamins wanted new customers, and they expected a strong return on investment from any online advertising that we were to do. While flexible on what services we could offer in their online advertising, the expectation for growth was high.

We knew that the results needed to be significant to make an impact. But how do you know what to offer new customers before you know what new customer will respond to?

To get these results, pre-testing was essential. Our team tested multiple categories and products in phases to asses which areas were able to get the highest return on investment.

Once high performing categories and products were identified, we further refined the tests by comparing each of our winning categories against each other.

With the top performers identified, we knew exactly where the budget should be spent to ensure the best results. This allowed us to scale as appropriate, rather than spreading ourselves too thin.

Australian Vitamins now advertise heavily across five categories of products, which deliver significant volumes from the budget spent.

As for growth, new customers have increased by 500 per cent, which has gone a long way in increasing the customer lifetime value in the Australian Vitamins business.



Increase In Monthly Revenue

Conversion rate

Increase in New Customer Acquisition

Increase in Traffic

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