Campbell Page

Boosting brand and online performance to build better communities

The Challenge

To deliver the best employment, community, and commercial services to those who need them, Campbell Page needed a website that was optimised to improve their key performance indicators and could be quickly edited by staff to reflect the ever-changing options available to the community.

What's more, Campbell Page had recently undergone a rebrand, further highlighting their need for a website that reflected the new brand as well as helping them to reach their conversion goals — increasing enquiries, content consumption and their outreach within the community.





Our solution

Understanding that KPI improvements and the brand update were the primary goals for Campbell Page, we used our four-step bespoke website methodology to determine what finer details were required on the site to get Campbell Page the results they were after.

Those four steps are:

1. Research & Analysis

2. Content & Design

3. Development & Delivery

4. Support & Optimisation

Through this process, we identified that the core requirements of the website experience were to allow users to either find work or find staff — depending on the user — and within this, view and research the services, as well as guide them to contact Campbell Page to enquire about these services. Beyond this, we needed to ensure Campbell Page locations were easy to access, and their news section was engaging and reaching all those who landed on site.

The final solution captured each of our core requirements, reflected the new Campbell Page branding, and allowed Campbell Page staff to easily update content on-site to continue internal work toward their KPIs. With their new site, Campbell Page continues to lead the way in providing services to support their users finding jobs and helping to build better communities.



Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in Conversions

Increase in New Users

Increase in New Customer Aquisition

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