Empowering a DIY supplier with a website they can manage themselves.

The Challenge

DunlopDIY knows their customer base. With easy to read packaging and step by step instructions, Dunlop empowers their DIY clientele to complete projects to trade building professional standards. Their solution to clients was perfect, but their website was old and built on the Joomla platform, causing challenges for staff needing to manage and update the site.





Our solution

DunlopDIY needed an easy to manage site which enabled staff to update items and edit content quickly. With the majority of their brand websites already on WordPress, the transition from Joomla to the WordPress CMS would instantly make life easier for staff responsible for content changes.

Before transitioning, we completed a full review of the DunlopDIY website -- the Joomla version -- to confirm if it would be possible to convert to WordPress. This review was conducted using the Next&Co web design methodology, consisting of 4 key phases.

We used the Research and Analysis phase to confirm the viability of the project. With an in-depth review complete, we were able to confirm the possibility to convert the site from Joomla to WordPress.

Through the Content and Design phase, we determined that some backend components of the site would need to be built in order to work with the WordPress platform. The front end and styling of the website could remain largely untouched, save a few obvious user experience improvements to help improve website performance.

Phase three, Development and Delivery, allowed us to bring together the entire solution with DunlopDIY's goals met and our user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) teams involved to make any necessary adjustments that would boost user experience on the site.

Finally, through Support and Optimisation, we continue to make improvements as part of our ongoing relationship with DunlopDIY, allowing for an ever-improving experience for their staff managing the platform, and the customers visiting the site.

Selected works

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