Boosting and attributing offline sales to strategic paid media through smart location marketing.

The Challenge

icare has been in the recycled toilet paper space for generations. They're a well-known brand stocked in major supermarkets, such as Coles. Still, without their own online purchase funnel, they had been resistant to paid media feeling that it was not possible to attribute these activities to offline sales.

After heavy investment in their branding, icare sought out Next&Co to test our ability to think strategically and come up with performance-based measures and proposals against traditionally non-measured paid media investments.





Our solution

Despite the brand activities that had been run in the month prior to our campaign, we were facing brand awareness challenges in a saturated and commoditised environment. All consumers technically qualify as consumers who would be "in the market" for icare products.

We knew that it was imperative to be able to determine the efficacy of our tactics, irrespective of the result. To ensure we could track this, we worked with icare to identify a set of grocery locations where the products are available and split them into two. Measuring these locations gave us the ability to measure uplift by serving ads only against those users likely to visit one set and not the other.

Partnering with Near and BigMobile, we were able to execute our location-based parameter effectively, and we served ads against devices that were regularly seen within the planned exposed group.

With no other media activity running across the period, we could determine that our strategy led to an overall uplift of 62% units sold and a 31% higher value generated within exposed locations compared to non-exposed grocery locations. Our ads were also effective enough to lead to 155% uplift in visitation to grocery stores in the exposed locations.



Uplift in Units Sold

Higher Value Generated

More Likely to Visit a Coles than Users Who Did Not See Ads

Mobile Video Completion Rate

Clickthrough rate

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