Merck Sharp & Dohme

Boosting organic traffic, conversions and new customers engage Australia's GPs

The Challenge

MSD invent lifesaving therapies to treat and prevent disease, which directly or indirectly impacts the health and safety of all Australians.

While their treatments are widely adopted, MSD wanted to increase awareness of their General Practitioner hub, which offers digital educational resources. Their website traffic needed to scale, while also being compliant with the strict Australian Medical Association advertising standards.





Our solution

To raising awareness of the General Practitioner hub via organic traffic, we implemented our proven four-step SEO methodology.

Achieving the desired results first requires defining the planned budget and setting our goals. To do this, we assessed the planned budget allocated and the expected commercial outcomes this budget is to deliver.

Next up, we needed to define the keyword list. This involved determining the most relevant, highly searched and commercially viable phrases to target that would achieve our goals.

To rank, we had to define what resources would be required. This meant assessing our domain against the competitor set and creating an on-page/off-page resourcing plan.

With those three steps complete, all the was left was to execute, report and optimise. While executing the resourcing, our team was critically analysing the outcomes to determine if the activity and resourcing plan was effective. We would document our learnings and use those to optimise ongoing efforts for longterm improvements on MSDs organic search traffic to the General Practitioner hub.

Once implemented, we were able to significantly increase awareness of the brand but also increase the amount of GPs accessing the digital content.

The results were a 700% increase in organic traffic, a 200% increase in conversion, a 50% increase in new users and a 500% increase in new customer acquisition.



Increase In Organic Traffic

Increase in Conversions

Increase in New users

Increase in Customer Aquisition

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