Stratton Finance

Helping an online leader rank #1 in search.

The Challenge

Stratton Finance are the leading car finance website in Australia. But while their business was growing steadily, traffic to their site through organic search wasn’t. In fact, their competitors were ranking above them for most relevant search terms. They needed an SEO strategy to take them to the top of page 1.





Our solution

How could a category leader rank below its competitors in almost all relevant Google search terms? To find the answer, we analysed our competitors’ approach to SEO, reverse engineering their method for success.

Once we’d learned what the Google algorithm was liking, we replicated the approach for Stratton – only better, formulating and executing an effective SEO strategy.

Combining our expertise in SEO with sophisticated software, we determined what Stratton’s customers were asking, then set to work ranking for the answers.

This helped us develop a keyword list that struck the right balance between high relevance and demand. To rank for these keywords, we seeded relevant content on Stratton’s site, also implementing a range of measures to boost online authority.

As Stratton’s rankings began to improve, so did traffic to their website through online search. At last count, we’d helped them rank for 500 new keyword rankings on page one.



500 new keyword rankings on page one

increase in organic traffic

increase in new visitors from organic traffic

increase in conversions

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