Connecting commuters with insights for a smooth ride

The Challenge

Responsible for the operation of public transport bus lines across Sydney, Transdev needed an efficient way to update users of about specific bus routes; alerting travellers to changes in zoning, updates to fares, delays and disruptions to service -- before travellers experienced them first hand.





Our solution

Communicating with commuters meant that Transdev needed commuters to know who they were, what they were doing and that they were the source to answer their bus line related questions. Social media was the obvious medium to make this connection.

Looking at their Facebook engagement over the previous 180 days, we were able to model audiences of people who had engaged with Transdev content. In doing so, we identified people with similar traits to the engaged audiences, which we used to further expand their audience target list, in targeted locations, to distribute sponsored updates, related to bus routes and services.

To ensure future management of social media could be done with ease, we developed a communications framework, in line with the brand guidelines supplied by the NSW Government and we took responsibility for developing comments to some key FAQs to engage with the audience in a more swift and timely manner.

Each comment created was graded according to its level of importance, specified timeframes were set to respond to requests, and KPIs were put in place to ensure these standards continued to be met.

Transdev can now continue to deliver highly engaging social media campaigns that provide the relevant information to all users of Transdev buses in any location.

Their engagement is up 80%, their followers have increased 500%, and they have seen a 600% increase in traffic, making their brand awareness boost a wild success.



Increase In Engagement

Increase in Social Media Followers

Increase in New Customer Acquisition

Increase in Traffic

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