Want to know how your digital media is performing?

Get a benchmark report containing:

  • A dollar figure summary of your waste digital media spend.
  • Detailed breakdown of wastage by channel, ad groups & creative
  • Identification of scale opportunities.
  • Competitor and category media insights.
  • Recommendations on how to improve overall performance.

Transparency to Help Maximize Your Ad Spend

We believe every organisation deserves access to accurate, transparent information about the efficacy of their advertising.

Prometheus™ is Next&Co’s proprietary tool used in-house to minimise media waste & find scale for our clients that is being leveraged to provide clarity to brands and advertisers.

How Prometheus™ works

Do an intro call with a Next&Co media strategist to learn more about your brand and media strategy

Provide relevant ad account & analytics access to Next&Co

Next&Co to provide a report of current state ad performance and future growth opportunities

The agency behind Prometheus™

Founded in 2010, Next&Co is a performance marketing & media agency that exist to make the digital world Measurably Better™. Our goal is to work with our clients to define what 'better' looks like and how it can be measured in a digital environment.

More sales, enquiries, downloads, or any other form of engagement - we take accountability for measuring the outcomes of our work and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Frequently asked questions

Why do you do these benchmark reports?
We believe that advertisers should be armed with an understanding of how their digital media is performing. As an agency, this is information that we can readily provide to start a relationship. That’s incentive enough for us!
How long does the process take?
An report can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on how complex your current media buying ecosystem is.
What happens after the report is finished?
After the report is completed it is all about implementing the recommendations. This is something that can be done by Next&Co under our media management services or can be passed on to be done by your existing agency / internal team.
What services does Next&Co provide?
We are a full-service, performance led digital marketing and media agency. A full list of our capabilities can be found here: https://www.nextandco.com.au/capabilities
Does the audit cost anything?
We do have a cost for the audit that is quoted once we assess the complexity of your media ecosystem. This cost is credited back against any future costs of media management should you get Next&Co onboard for media services post-audit.

Want to know how your digital media is performing?