Get Measurably Better™ performance from your paid media.

Talk to us about eliminating wasted ad spend and increasing ROAS.

Talk to us about eliminating wasted ad spend and increasing ROAS.

Case Studies

We work with brands that challenge.

They expect accountable, commercially driven results from their media and never settle for the status quo.

Nutrien (NPay Campaign Launch)

new customers driven quarterly

in revenue driven

Average increase in QoQ conversion

new customers driven quarterly


Increase in enquiries

Decrease in cost per lead

Increase in Ad Recall Lift

Increase in website traffic

Palace Entertainment / Raging Waters

Revenue Increase

Increase In YoY Footfall

Increase In Website Traffic

Decrease In Cost Per Acquisition


Increase In Revenue

Increase In Website Traffic

New Customers

Increase In Retail Footfall

Get Measurably Better™ performance from your paid media

Next&Co are a full-service media and digital marketing agency that combine our suite of proprietary tech tools and the thinking of our people to maximize performance.

Our paid media management services are built to implement audience-driven, omni-channel strategies that work across the customer journey, and measure their impact on your brand, as apposed to vanity marketing metrics.

We buy across all digital and traditional channels, connecting a brands media plan from awareness all the way through to final conversion and beyond.
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Get Measurably Better™ performance from your paid media

Why Next&Co?

We measure the success of your marketing by its impact on your actual business and brand with advanced attribution modelling & media effectiveness metrics.

Deep, data-informed insights. We leverage robust third party & proprietary tech to best plan, optimise campaigns, and predict future opportunities.

Our team thrive on solving hard problems. Our commercially savvy media managers and strategists will help your brand find an edge.

Introducing Prometheus™ - our proprietary media effectiveness tool

Prometheus leverages AI-driven media wastage and scale calculations and is baked into our media management process. It allows for continuous optimisation of unutilized and spend and the identification of scale opportunities at a audience, channel or messaging level.

In other words, your paid media gets better performance day by day.

Frequently asked questions

What media channels are best for my brand?
We can help you answer this question. We are big on audience research and can help you determine what an evidence-based media plan actually looks like.
What channels can you book paid media on?
We book all channels for your brand. We are channel agnostic and will leverage an audience-first buying strategy that will look at your audience’s media consumption habits and attempt to get your brand in front of them in the right moments.
How do you measure media effectiveness?
We will work with you to establish a set of key performance indicators for your media spend that corelate to the growth metrics for your brand. We will then implement a suite of relevant tools to capture these metrics on a continual basis to facilitate ongoing improvement.
How does paid media get priced?

Paid media can be bought on various models including:

  • CPM (cost per mille — Latin for “thousands”)
  • CPC (cost-per-click)
  • CPV (cost-per-view)
  • CPA (cost-per-action)

We will work with you to determine the best model your media plans objectives.

Can you help with creative?
Yes - we can help you with your creative.
Can you benchmark my existing spend and compare it to my industry and competitors?
Yes. We have access to several tools (both proprietary and third party) that can help you get a better understanding of how effective your current media performance is. Just get in touch with us and request a ‘media benchmark and audit’ and we will be happy to help.

Get Measurably Better™ performance from your paid media