Apple is developing its own search engine

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Apple is developing its own search engine


04, Nov // 2 min read

Google has been iPhone’s default search engine for more than a decade. The US DoJ has put Google’s estimated $8 – 12 billion annual payments to Apple at the centre of its antitrust case against the internet group. Apple and Google are currently fighting antitrust battles, and this could reshape the digital landscape as we know it. With Apple developing its own search engine, this will create more opportunities for other brands. 

Apple vs Google 

Google has over 3.5 billion search queries per day and over 130 trillion pages across the web. Launched in 1997, Google became the leading search engine on the world wide web in June 2019 with 92.62% market share. To access Apple’s massive consumer base, Google would pay $8- 12 billion annually to remain iPhone’s default search engine.

In the latest version of the iPhone, iOS14, it appears that Apple presents its own search results and links directly to the website as soon as a user types a query from the home screen. This update marks a significant advance in Apple’s in-house development and could potentially create a search rival with Google.

Apple and Google are currently under scrutiny due to the unlawful deal created among them, which has fastened Apple’s own search engine progress. The concept of Apple designing a complete search rival to Google is an interesting move.

Apple has a long way before they can reach the years of work that was put in by Google to achieve it’s current market share worldwide. Although there are a few search engines, Google has built and perfected its process over the years. Therefore, it is unrealistic to assume that Apple can claim their position in the market with immediate effect.

With another search engine coming to market, it is an opportunity for brands to get exposure with organic and paid search listings within Apple. Apple will monetise its search results, so it is an excellent chance for brands to diversify marketing budgets to obtain better commercial outcomes. Brands can use SEO and paid ads in Apple search to obtain more traffic to their websites, which will be less costly to invest in Apple compared to Google initially. Companies who utilise Apple’s search engine to obtain share of voice will significantly benefit from the low competition the search engine will have with brands  slow adoption in investment in digital advertising. Don’t let the opportunity slip by to execute quick and test advertising in Apple.

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