Clever campaigns can’t replace always-on

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Clever campaigns can’t replace always-on


08, Apr // 2 min read

The digital marketing world loves a good campaign. We dish out awards and marvel at those that go viral but less frequently do we discuss how most don’t. 

Singular campaigns are exciting, so enthusiasm toward them is always high. But if your audience only sees the ad once, chances are they’re not going to remember that clever campaign. They probably then also won’t remember who put it up. If all your eggs were in that basket, was it worth the result? Probably not. 

Why campaign bursts can’t replace always-on

Any digital campaign aims to 1) increase results according to particular criteria and 2) capture data to inform and improve future campaigns. 

The fall down of campaigns done in bursts is that it is very hard to replicate learnings from those campaigns. Due to different creative messaging, budgets and channels, the insights gathered from singular campaigns can’t always be applied to future campaigns. If the results weren’t there, and the data is not useful to inform future campaigns, it wasn’t the best investment. 

What’s more, capturing audience attention is more about consistency, building brand awareness. Unlike a campaign burst, an always-on approach builds brand recognition. Of course, not everyone who sees it will be ready to take action, but if it’s always there, you will be there when the time is right, and their previous exposure will have helped them to that point. 

The smartest way to spend your marketing dollars

Always-on digital campaigns should be the backbone of any business looking for growth. Adopting a continuous method, rather than hoping for a hail mary from a campaign burst, is the smartest way to allocate your budget and gather insights that feedback into your growth. 

This continual approach allows you to spot trends and changes in your audience and the way they engage with you on each platform. With these data-driven insights, you can continuously optimise and iterate your approach for improved results. 

Singular campaign bursts are not inherently bad. Perhaps through your always-on activities, you spot an opportunity to create a complimentary singular campaign burst that can boost lead generation. This is a valuable approach, and if you have the budget, these are tactics to explore. But if you need to account for your spending and show results for your efforts, always-on is the best option. 

If you are assessing the best approach for your digital marketing, we can help you craft a strategy that best suits your business and moves you toward your campaign goals.

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