Facebook removes the 20% text limit on ad images

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Facebook removes the 20% text limit on ad images


25, Sep // 2 min read

One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, has announced its policy changes to its ad images, and it is going to benefit advertisers tremendously. From less than 20% text in the image to no word limit, users can create their ad without fear of facing rejection. This policy will allow advertisers’ messages to have a significant impact as there is no longer a text limit to restrain them.

Facebook changes its policy

Facebook has always been an effective marketing channel for businesses, whether it is through an ad or simply through online presence. The 20% text limit rules initial purpose was to reduce the noisiness of a Facebook Ad; this is before multiple media and numerous ad unit options existed; initially, the feed was primarily text and images. Users are not impressed by cluttered or messy ads; therefore, Facebook avoids these advertisements to maximize users’ experience. 

Facebook continually evolves to keep up with consumers’ needs and technological trends to maximize value for people and businesses. This policy change is an excellent example, as it will positively affect how advertisers execute Facebook ads. The increase in advertisers creating flashy ads has changed the image and text format used initially. Despite there being a few exceptions to the word limit, it was still a barrier for advertisers to get their powerful message across to their target audience.

By eliminating the word limit, advertisers can determine their ad layout, the number of words, and how their message will reach the target audience. Businesses who invest in Facebook ads must have the option to create an ad that suits them and will ensure ROI. This change has given advertisers the freedom to create the perfect ad, which they see is fit, and this can tremendously increase the number of advertisers who use Facebook ads to promote their business. 

We fully support this change as it will allow advertisers who have great offers to get their message across with a more significant impact. Facebook should have implemented this new policy a long time ago when more advertisers began to rely on social media platforms to increase brand awareness. With social media users’ constant exposure to sponsored ads and content, it has become difficult to capture the target audience’s attention. We expect this change to allow advertisers to see better results for whatever conversions they are tracking from Facebook advertising. 

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