How big is the gender gap in SEO?


How big is the gender gap in SEO?


18, Sep // 2 min read

Recently Next&Co had a job advertisement looking for an SEO specialist to join our ever growing team. There were 114 applicants, and to our shock, only 2 were females. Despite the history and the possible stigmas around SEO, the industry needs more females capable of becoming industry leaders and steering away from the stereotype to inspire others.

Bridging the gap in SEO

An SEO survey this year had 652 participants, 191 were females (29.3%), and 446 males (68.4%), which confirms a significant gender gap. Many females discussed in an interview when undertaking the survey, the challenges they face when applying for an SEO position. Despite having the required knowledge and expertise, it was exceedingly challenging to get hired or even promoted. Females in the industry faced several difficulties, like being passed over for promotions, need to fight to be heard in meetings, and paid less than a man for the same work. This inequality may exist due to the stereotype that technical SEO is considered a “boy’s club.”

Despite females and males having the same position and responsibilities, there is still a massive pay gap. Statistics show that females earn 25% less than their male counterparts. How can we break this stigma, which discourages females despite many well-known and successful SEOs?

It is essential to recreate the conventional industry and become a welcoming industry to fix this dilemma. Providing mentoring and training to better prepare and encourage females during studies can change their perspective on the stigma around SEO work environments. As humans, we tend to aspire to be like someone; however, there are not many females in SEO. A recent list of the 140 most influential SEOs featured 104 men and just 36 women. 

This industry lacks female representatives in Australia to inspire and lead others. By understanding the situation, it is evident that change needs to take place. Implementing strategies and rules to ensure gender equality and providing equal opportunities for job roles and promotions are starting points. When these developments occur, more females will be likely to apply for that job or job promotion. Being satisfied will inspire and encourage others, finally ending the gender gap.

Next&Co are advocating for this change as we recognize the value in a diverse team. There is a desperate need for females in our industry in Australia. If you are an aspiring and experienced female in SEO, reach out to us to potentially find a new home within our agency. 

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