Immersive Tech Effect on eCommerce

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Immersive Tech Effect on eCommerce


02, Oct // 2 min read

The global pandemic and the lockdowns it has caused have had a significant impact on eCommerce. With heavy reliance on eCommerce for non-essentials, consumer behaviour has now become more accustomed to or is willing to try digital commerce for more purchasing categories. Immersive tech is on the rise as many companies are adopting this technology to increase brand awareness, loyalty and online sales.

How immersive tech will change eCommerce

Consumers have become more reliant on technology for many tasks, but most importantly shopping. With the shift to eCommerce, companies are finding it difficult to adjust to the drastic change in circumstances. In a recent survey that included 70 Australian online retailers, 34% have seen more than 20% decrease in sales. 46% have reported a drop in site traffic whilst the other 20% has seen sales increase by more than 20%. So how is that 20% thriving compared to other retailers? Retailers who can utilise eCommerce and digital marketing are in the best position to survive and most importantly, succeed during this pandemic. 

Due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, consumers are no longer able to have the customer experience they are accustomed to in-store. Recently, users are seeking a new and alternative shopping experience, a way to replicate reality. 51% of consumers said they are open to using artificial and virtual reality to evaluate goods and services. By offering consumers this immersive experience, businesses can completely transform online shopping as we know it.

In a survey recently conducted by Accenture Interactive, 61% of consumers said they were more likely to purchase from a brand that uses immersive technology and 47% of consumers said how this technology made them feel more connected to the brand. This data demonstrates the value of brands implementing this technology to provide consumers with what is an almost real-life experience. Couple this willingness with the growing need for belonging and new experiences caused by various stages of COVID-19 driven isolation opens the doors for brands to provide more meaningful connections with consumers.

Immersive technology is growing exceedingly with two-thirds of brands beginning to invest in it as users find more uses cases for it in their daily lives. These technologies present an opportunity to stimulate real-world experiences but also further boost confidence in online purchases. Investing in augmented and virtual reality will not only improve the customer experience, it also promises to enhance brand recognition and loyalty.

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