The new Google Analytics

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The new Google Analytics


29, Nov // 2 min read

Business analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating significant patterns in data and using tools to empower your entire organisation to ask any question of any data in any environment on any device. Business analytics adds even more opportunities to drive desired outcomes, such as optimisation, cost savings, and customer engagement. 

What is Google Analytics 4

Google announced the new and improved version of the app + Web property, which they introduced in beta last year, Google Analytics 4. They have designed it to ensure all businesses, despite the size, will now get a better ROI from their marketing in the long term. GA 4 is a new, and more intelligent Google Analytics, which has machine learning at its core to surface helpful insights automatically, and provides an extensive understanding of customers across devices and platforms. It is privacy-centric by design; therefore, marketers can rely on Analytics even though the industry is consistently changing, like the restrictions on cookies. The new Google Analytics will provide users with critical insights to be ready for what is next. 

GA 4 vs Universal Analytics

The new property type includes expanded predictive insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, cross-device measurement capabilities and more granular data controls. One of the most significant differences between traditional Universal Analytics and the new Google Analytics 4 is the user-interface. 

The new Google Analytics has AI-powered insights and predictions; Marketers will be alerted automatically of any data trends. This new update will enable marketers to predict several outcomes, such as churn rates and the potential revenue a business could earn from a particular segment. This data is vital for marketers as it permits them to anticipate actions that their consumers may take in the future and concentrate on those audiences. 

GA 4 allows deeper audiences integration with Google Ads; marketers can develop and maintain audiences from their visitors across the web and their app. The reports have also been reorganised, and there are new additions, it is organised around the customer lifecycle. The new analytics grants marketers complete insight into how customers are engaging with their business across different devices and channels. Other new features include codeless event tracking and more granular user data controls. 

Google is innovative, and with the shift in consumer privacy, they will no longer support cookies. Therefore, this update to Google Analytics gives marketers smarter insights to improve decisions and to focus more on the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. Google is preparing marketers for the future and equipping them with what they need to create and monitor their marketing campaign efficiently and effectively. 

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