Why B2B organisations are jumping on Catch Up TV advertising

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Why B2B organisations are jumping on Catch Up TV advertising


22, Mar // 2 min read

Amongst the options marketers have available in the business to business space, TV advertising has not historically been an avenue with much promise. But what about now it’s online?

With Catch Up TV now reaching audiences across Australia, from their laptops or phones, where cookies abound, TV’s ad appeal is on the rise, as long as it’s online. 

We’ve already seen the B2C sector jump at this data-fueled opportunity to advertise on TV, and B2B is following fast. 

Here’s why: 

Catch Up TV ads are fully trackable

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 71 per cent of B2B marketers use video marketing. That’s because it’s more engaging, and audiences retain more information from video than they do with other forms of content. Where better to share those memorable videos than in a TV-style experience? The medium is ideal, but the value is in its traceability. 

Catch Up TV advertising is fully trackable. Unlike its traditional TV counterpart, you can choose exactly who sees your ads, and you can measure actions those prospects complete against your campaign. Depending on the platform, marketers have access to key metrics such as site visitor rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per acquisition, and more. It’s also able to be fully integrated with Google Analytics so that you can track your Catch Up TV performance alongside your other marketing activities.  

You can reach brand new, customised audiences

Catch Up TV allows you to find new audiences by looking for user information such as In-Market Purchase Intent, whether they’ve registered for B2B events, what industry they are in, and their past purchases.  

You can leverage your first-party data to boost your sales funnel

Using your first-party data, Catch Up TV lets you complete retargeting campaigns. Your CRM can also be connected so that the prospects in your sales funnel are added as targets for your Catch Up TV advertising campaign.  

Catch Up TV campaign outcomes

At our agency, we get to work with awesome clients who care about growth and trust us enough to try new avenues. As such, we’ve been able to work hands-on in the B2B space with Catch Up TV advertising. What we’ve seen is a measurable uplift in performance, driving enquiries since this brand awareness piece has gone to market. 

Witnessing the campaigns through our agency and the success of Catch Up TV advertising for B2B brands in other parts of the world, we anticipate Catch Up TV will be apart of many Australian businesses performance marketing budgets over the next 2-3 years. 
If you want to work with an agency that knows how to get performance results with Catch Up TV. For more information please enquire with us on enquiries@nextandco.com.au or 1300 191 950.

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