Why mobile applications are becoming more popular

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Why mobile applications are becoming more popular


28, Sep // 2 min read

Mobile apps have become increasingly popular over the years, from bank apps, healthcare, food delivery, and more. There are many advantages for businesses to invest in mobile apps, most importantly, to market the business and improve consumer engagement. Although apps have always been considered costly and difficult to maintain. Not to mention do you just have an iOS app or Android app or both. Flutter has made mobile app development easier, cost-effective, and ideal for startup MVPs. Flutter is one of the most innovative and promising technology to invest in for the future.

What is Flutter?

Google came out with a free and open-source UI software development kit called Flutter. It only requires one codebase to create multiple mobile applications; this means that only one programming language and codebase is needed to create two different apps (i.e. for Android and iOS). Gone are the days of having to manage two separate app codebases.

Google has designed an easy to learn and use toolkit which many companies will consider adopting in the future. Flutter has a quick compilation, which means maximum productivity; programmers can immediately see changed code results. Flutter is ideal for startup MVPs and It is cost-efficient. It is performant and allows the programmer to use Flutter’s widgets.

In July 2020, 67% of users utilised a mobile shopping app, and 52% purchased a product online using their mobile. Consumers are more likely to use their phone when searching for a product or service. This data implicates the value of a mobile application for businesses. Mobile apps are useful for direct communication and Geo-targeting marketing by communicating with consumers about new promotions, events, and product launches. Valuable consumer data like demographic, geographic, purchase behaviour and interests, allow marketers to understand market demand and to enhance their marketing strategy.  

Mobile applications increase recognition and build customer loyalty. Consumers love rewards; and whether it requires them to spend $100 or $500, they will gladly do so. Promotions directed to loyal app users through notifications will encourage them to make the purchase, increasing brand recognition. 

Flutter has improved mobile application programming. It is an excellent tool in which companies will eventually adopt in the future. It is time and cost-effective; its widgets result in fewer compatibility errors as well as its rapid development due to its hot reload. A mobile app can create a competitive advantage for companies. It is an excellent tool for consumer engagement; it boosts brand recognition and enhances visibility.

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