Get Wines Direct

Boosting organic search for Australia's favourite drops.

The Challenge

Get Wines Direct is a pioneering online wine retailer delivering its customers some of the best drops from Australia and around the world. While their brand was strong and their service impeccable, they were struggling to gain traction in growth through organic search, and the site wasn't ranking well for its top-performing brands and products.





Our solution

Get Wines Direct was looking for growth. They wanted all of their top-performing brands and products to perform in organic search, and they were looking to see significant increases in rankings, traffic, as well as revenue from their organic search growth.

Through our Organic Search Framework, we were able to increase the trust and authority of the Get Wine Direct domain within the wine category. A critical element of succeeding in this strategy was to obtain mentions across other contextually relevant websites, which in turn, significantly increased organic rankings, traffic and revenue.

Today Get Wines Direct is an authority in organic search with its wine category, so no matter how frequently brands come and go, the new product range remains listed on first page rankings. At latest count, Page One rankings had increased by 7000%.

The authority we were able to build has an evergreen organic presence for the website, allowing Get Wines Direct to enjoy a 50% increase in Organic Traffic and a 40% increase in Organic Revenue.

Now they can spend more time on what they do best; delivering fantastic wine to grateful Australians.



Increase In Page One Rankings

Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in New Customer Acquisition

Increase in Organic Revenue

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